William C. (Bill) Smith graduated from Campbell University with a degree in Science. After teaching high school science for a couple of years he got his first job as a sales technician with a national water treatment chemical company. After working for a decade with a couple of large companies Bill had a desire and a vision to start his own company. He wanted to provide the same expertise and quality products as the big guys he had worked for, but with the personal touch and care that could only come from a smaller, independent company. So in 1981 Chemgard, Inc. was established and has been a staple in the water treatment industry ever since. Passing on his knowledge of the industry and training his reps that unparalleled service was the standard, the company grew, and now has customers throughout the Southeast. Bill ran the company until his death in 2018 with the same early vision he had and always told his customers that he would do what he said he would do, and that he wouldn’t let them down. The company is now being run by his family, but the vision passed along is without change.

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